Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Welcome to Thorax.us

THORAX.us is a web journal as well as a web site for International health care professionals. Its purpose is to exchange new ideas, innovations in cures and the treatment of global diseases. If you are a health care professional and would like to share your thoughts and ideas; you can freely publish them on this site. By exchanging theories and ideas with the global community of health care givers, we can establish a network. The case reports and experiences will be directly published with minimal editing. This Blog has been created in order for me to share my thoughts and experiences with all of you. I look forward to answering all of your questions as well as your continued feedback.
Dr. Ramesh Kaul MD., FCCP., M.S.


Blogger Dana said...

I'm a nurse and respitatory therapist wondered what your experiences have been with alcoholics and development of fungus infections. Also which drug of chouse is being used and route of administration?

Thanks Dana

07 August, 2007  
Blogger Dana said...

Sorry I can't seem, to spell on line re respiratory and choice.

Think the websit will be very helpful to a variety of health providers

08 August, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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30 August, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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31 August, 2007  
Blogger Unknown said...

hi Doctor,
my mother suffering from acute cough and cold for last 4 months.
doctors have done xray of chest...
but no medicine seems working.
plz suggest what should i do?

New Delhi

18 April, 2009  

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